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I can best be defined within the realms of my commitment to self and others as this increases my development as a stronger leader, a better person, and a contributing member of society. For me, having a meaningful life would entail being successful in a career that enables me to give back to others and my community. These goals and ambitions are well aligned with Babson’s self defined notion of creating great economic and social value everywhere.

College is an experience that everyone should have and enjoy; it is a bridge between exiting one’s childhood and walking into responsible adulthood. I am excited about Babson College because I think it will provide me the opportunity to grow past my comfort zone and push myself beyond perceived limits. I have the courage to raise the bar, and I am willing to take calculated risks to successfully lead my
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However, my commitment to the cause, the organization, and the team will ensure the success of the mission and give meaning to my life. My differences and unique qualities in this world make me an ideal candidate for an array of opportunities and Babson’s commitment to diversity further excites me. I will never allow anything to stifle me as I have much to offer this world, and the best is yet to come. Although this world is challenging, relentless, and forever changing, I have enough optimism and courage to remove those obstacles. This realization has made me immensely focused and determined to reach within and become the person that distinctively defines my destination. The content of my character and my contributions to this world will define who I am. This world will recognize me for my integrity and talents. I have something special to offer to this world and make it better for the next generations yet to come and having Babson as a partner on this journey would be
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