Essay To Temple University: Personal Statement

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Recently, technology is developing rapidly; electricity has become increasingly important and almost as important as water. My parents always taught me that more advanced higher education will give me as many opportunities to develop as other people and intellectuals of modern society.
When I was in childhood, I used to go to the science museum with my parents. One day, I held an electrical and electronic experience at the science museum. It seemed difficult before the experiment but was really fun and exciting. The helper of the science museum praised me when I understood what was required with a lot of concentration. Later, I enjoyed making an electric circuit through a scientific kit, which I received as a gift.
In middle school, I learned about Ohm’s law and magnetic field in the science class and felt interested in calculating the current, the voltage, and the resistance by using the formulas to find the answers. The science teacher gave me a lot of help and encouragement when I had frequently asked, so I studied hard and got an excellent grade on the final exam. Thanks to this, I started in the electrical engineering department and aimed to be the best in this field.
I have completed advanced courses in mathematics and science as I chose the science course in high
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It respects the diversity and personality of students and encourages exchange with other students. The second reason is the university is located geographically and educationally at a good place. I know Philadelphia is a historically important city with a great level of art and culture, which gives a lot of opportunities for undergraduates to experience diverse cultures as well as a wealth of diversity beyond the school program. Thirdly, I am impressed with its faculty and curriculum for electrical engineering
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