Essay Two of The Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Nietzsche

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Nietzsche starts this second essay by looking at and reviewing the importance of our ability to make and keep promises. To hold yourself and others to a promise means having the need of both a good memory, the ability to remember making said promise and a strong feeling of confidence what will happen next and a long term ability to know you will be able to fulfil said promise. In order for us to make the commitment and have the confidence to do so means that on some level, we must give a feeling and make ourselves into the ideal of becoming in a way predictable, to be able to achieve this we as humans need a set of guideline to follow, certain rules that make this predictability a possibility, the certainty that a set of actions will lead to a set of reactions both internally and externally. He then says that Society and morality serve the purpose of making humans predictable, and this then allows the making of promises. At the end of this path we have the ‘Sovereign individual’ who is not bound by the social and moral rules, but is held by his own sense of having a conscience.
Nietzsche then moves on to the…
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