Essay 'Unpacking The Klack Of White Privilege'

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For the first part of this assignment I have chosen Religion, because the popularity of this religion.
Daily Effect of a Roman Catholic.
I can find a catholic community anywhere I go.
I can turn on the television and see people my religion or portraying my religion.
Many people are the same religion as me in my neighborhood.
I have no issue finding a catholic church in my neighborhood.
I can find schools that teaches my faith.
I can find books and magazines that talk about my faith.
I feel welcome when I go to a catholic church.
The roman catholic faith is vert popular and is found everywhere.
My faith is very respectful when it comes to other faiths.
I can be sure of finding people in my community who would talk to me about
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Reading Peggy McIntosh's essay "Unpacking the Knapsack of white privilege" I felt very uncomfortable because even thought you don’t want to believe that your skin color and race, can have so much impact on how your life can be and how people would treat you is very sad. We are people and that’s all that matters, why do we have to put down other groups because of the way they look or speak. Is hard to explain how I really felt because for some reason I felt betray why am not sure I feel like I have so much against me that is very scary think about it am a Mexican female, and as a woman I already have so much negativity coming towards me and then you add that am Mexican and its very overwhelming. I got very emotional doing the assignment to the point that it was hard to finish. I think because of what's going on in our society, many groups targeting my people and trying to raise kids in this world is getting harder. but I think the first list was easier because if I kept on going with the second list I would have a longer paper and more negative thoughts in my head. Am very proud of being Mexican and I wouldn't change that for anything, but sometimes all the negative things that people say about your people can be very
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