Essay: When Does Home Lose Its Meaning

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When Does Home Lose its Meaning?: The Effects of Isolation Simply stated, the inner-workings of war are unimaginable to a civilian. They cannot begin to fathom the effects of isolation from humanity that soldiers face once peacetime is declared. Civilians cheer and take pride in the victory of war, but in result, it is extremely difficult for them to understand the long road of mental recovery for the survivors after the war ends, as Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried, explains, “The bad stuff never stops happening: it lives in its own dimension, replaying itself over and over” (O’Brien 31). After being isolated from civilian life for prolonged periods of time and constantly being exposed to traumatic experiences of death, it is nearly impossible for soldiers to relate with others who have not emotionally encountered war firsthand once they return home. This disconnection between ex-soldiers and civilians allows for a difficult and emotionally-draining transition back into daily life, where someone newly departing combat can feel distant and misunderstood by those who have not witnessed atmospheres of intense violence. It is easy and common for civilians to be tricked into promoting a war instituted by their leaders because of their vulnerability to justify it in the name of loyalty to…show more content…
The isolation from civilian rules and restrictions disappears and implementation of the regulations of war take long-lasting effect. Once soldiers are expected to return to a previous mindset that is mostly gone, it can allow for veterans to feel numb; furthermore, even more remote to civilian life as they did while in combat. This emotional struggle of how war can completely alter the brain is outlined effectively in the famous war-based work of fiction, All Quiet on the Western
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