Essay Why Athletes Should Be Paid

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I felt the exact same way prior to reading these articles. I never really thought about the controversy surrounding this topic. I agree with you that athletes should only receive one form of payment, but I feel that salaries would allow for better distribution of revenue. Overall, I really liked Joe Nocera’s article because I agreed with several of his points. I don’t feel that athletes are compensated adequately for their “jobs” either and I really like his point about how “all the money they are generating trickles up to everyone else in the system.” I really enjoyed that you brought up the point from Rick Burton’s article about the “private tutors, skill-position coaches, PR specialists, conditioning experts, and doctors.” I really never thought about all of the added benefits that athletes receive prior to reading these articles, but I don’t agree with the fact that all athletes (Division I, Division II, Division II, etc) receive those benefits. Division I athletes have a lot more benefits in comparison to other athletes. I don’t think that other teams are any less talented or hard working either, but I know from
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Although I don’t feel that other athletes are any less talented or hard working, I believe that Division I athletes should be paid much more due to the amount of revenue they bring into their program. As I stated in my response, Ohio State football players only receive about 12% of the revenue from their football program, which is why I feel that athletes should be paid salaries instead of scholarships. Each individual university and team should be assigned salary caps based on revenue and I think that bonuses aren’t a bad idea either. For example, if a team makes it to the finals or wins a championship, those athletes should receive more money. Overall, I think that salaries are a good
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