Essay Why Did The Us Join World War 1

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The United States entered World War One due to a plethora of factors relating to domestic security, as well as economic, political, and moral reasons. However, ever since George Washington gave his farewell address in 1796, the United States of America had largely stayed out of foreign political affairs, especially those concerning Europe. In addition, America still had diplomatic ties to many countries in Europe; the U.S. had a large number of German immigrants but was also sending billions of dollars of supplies to Great Britain and France. Also, the United States’ views were generally skewed towards those of the Allied Powers. Nonetheless, despite all of these ties to many countries, America was able to stay out of the war for…show more content…
This was a major reason for the United State’s entry into World War 1. In addition to the economic loss and security breach of the sinking of many American and British ships, there were other factors that went into the decision to wage war on Germany. One of these was the Zimmerman Telegram. This was a telegram sent by Germany to Mexico on January of 1917, promoting the idea of waging war on the United States; it also entailed a plan for Mexico to “reconquer the lost territories in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.” Unfortunately for the Germans, this telegram was intercepted by the British. Great Britain, wanting the United States to declare war on Germany, forwarded the telegram to the United States. President Wilson learned of the note in February, and the telegram’s contents were made public just a month later. As one can see, this was a notable security threat to the United States, and even contained plans for Mexico to wage war against America. The U.S. was trying to expand its borders, and losing territory would not help further this goal. Moreover, the United States would lose many men and supplies trying to defend its territorial possessions. So, the Wilson Administration saw that the only logical course of action, after this potentially dangerous telegram, was to commit to war against Germany. They would declare war in less
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