Essay Writing: The Handmaid's Tale

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Once Upon a time there was these two monsters that lived in a cave in the deep dark forest. They would go out at night and scare people. The people would then run away screaming. The two monsters, then heard this noise coming from the woods. They went to see what was making the noise. As they were walking they saw a horse but did not hear the noise any more. They thought it was the horse that was making the noise. But as they stood there and watched the horse, they heard the noise again. This time they saw something moving in the distance. As the thing got closer, they saw that it was a giant lizard. As the lizard got closer and closer to the horse, the horse scared the lizard away. The two monsters, then went up to the horse. The horse had a saddle on it, but no one was to be found. The…show more content…
Then someone appeared on the king’s throne. It was the wicked witch. “Where did you find that girl” said the wicked witch “We found her in the woods” said the monster “Why would you bring her back here” said the wicked witch As the witch stormed out of the room, she took the girl with her. As everyone tried to keep the witch from taking the girl, but the witch was too strong for them to save the girl. As the monsters jumped on the horse to chase after the witch, they almost lost her. They followed the witch to her cave. They found were she was keeping the girl, they went over to the girl to try to get her out of the cage, but it was locked. They heard the witch coming and had to hide as quickly as they could. “I know you are hiding, come out, come out, wherever you are” said the witch As she looked for them, a few minutes later she found them and caught them and put them in a cage with the girl. And left and never came
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