Essay Writing: The Western Front

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The stone streets were a veil at this time of night, with who knows how many menacing horrors hiding behind the curtain. The lingering gas hovering over the ground was timid, dispersing at the sight of anyone who strayed near. The moon tried to pry into the city’s shadows, but it was too thick to cut. The buildings were nothing but faded memories: gray, eroded structures that once boasted splendor and beauty. Street rats, both rodent and human, scuttled about in the alleyways, knocking assortments over and fleeing if anyone walked past, just like the gas. A dog barked in the distance. Car horns blared on 5th Avenue nearby. Tank sighed. No place like home. The muscular man strolled through the ominous area, oblivious to threats that were hiding…show more content…
Tank despised the stench, whether it was the reek of the dead, the unwashed bodies of allied soldiers, or the ever drifting faint scent of gunpowder. Then there was the ground. The landscape was naturally beautiful before the war. However, the digging of trenches, the explosive detonations, the hidden landmines, and the piles of bodies made you learn real quick to watch your step. Supplies were lacking. Often soldiers only had a meal a day, and the broth served barely sustained any nutrients. Too many nights were spent watching for any stealthy assassins ready to wreak havoc on the camps, and those who were allowed to sleep stayed awake out of fear. You also learned to sleep wherever, whether it was a foxhole, trench, or sometimes even a tree branch. Every month a gunship would escort cargo that would help scrape the fighters by, but the interval between each drop was filled with complaints and brawls. At one point in the standoff, soldiers were too exhausted to smart off; sunken, sleep deprived eyes staring off into space. Enough adrenaline was fueled in their bodies when the fights started and reignited at that time to make them hyperactive the rest of their lives. Adrenaline was the safest way Tank could forget about his surroundings, and focus on his primary instinct:
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