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The three communication theories I have applied to provide the most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed conversation between two people are; the transmission model (Shannon & Weaver 1949), Foulger 's ecological model (Foulger 2004), and an expanded model of communication (Eunson 2012).
In this essay I have used a conversation I had listened to which was between my friend (from here on will be named George) and his friend (from here on will be named Mark). Problems that arose during the conversation will be explained as well as how George and Mark overcame them. From there the essay will compare and contrast the three communication theories and decide which of these best simplify the conversation.
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Figure 2: An Ecological Model of the Communication (Source: Foulger 2004)
Eunson 's expanded model of communication is more complex than Foulger 's as well as Shannon and Weaver 's models, though it is more appropriate to this conversation had between George and Mark due to the fact it shows that in order for the communication to happen the sender must pre-edit and then encode the message pass the message onto the receiver where he decodes and edits the message. Eunson also takes into account the use of mechanical, behavioural and semantic factors of encoding, and understands that if the message is to be understood the receiver must be able to decode the message. This is particularly relevant, and highly important to this conversation between George and Mark due to the factors mentioned before.


Figure 3: An expanded model of communication (Source: Eunson 2012)

I have found Shannon and Weavers transactional model too simple and cannot evaluate the complexities of this situation, and that Foulger 's model too broad and not able to focus on the problems that need to be addressed.
Therefore, I believe that Eunson 's expanded model of communication is the most adequate to use out of the three models that were written about because Eunson 's model has shown how a message from George is first pre-edited
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