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Summer Bajwa 211510526 Corporate America Socio-economic Downfall Date: October 30, 2012 “Roger and me” is an eye-opening stance of dark part of Capitalism. Michael Moore’s documentary is a courageous attempt to unfold the damages, caused by Capitalistic mentality of the time – laying off 30,000 auto workers in an American city, Flint for the sheer purpose of profit. Moore’s presentation unfold the pathos of a society, suffers through the years of loss and sorrow. He showed how the “American dream” shattered. Moore, an Irish American Catholic, son of a middle class G.M. employee, observed the thousands of layoffs in Flint and…show more content…
A majority Government passed the bill of free trade with US and later with Mexico, which called NAFTA. To change public opinion about the ferocious act of Free Trade, the Government justified it with statistical data of increasing trade (Policy and Partisanship). Hundreds and thousands of big companies left Canada and set up in states or Mexico. It was big economic fiasco in those years. The Government imposed GST to recover the losses because of NAFTA. Unemployment rate in Most of the provinces increased to the alarming level. In Flint, a city of auto plants faced major economic and social upheavals. Due to this shift by GM to Mexico, thirty thousand workers got unemployed. It caused Flint’s crime rate skyrockets, with use of weapons and murders. Crime becomes so common that when a TV channel tries to do a live story on the plant closings, someone steals the network's van (along with the cables), abruptly stopping the broadcast. Living in Flint becomes so desperate that it is commonly called Flint as the worst place to live in America. In terms of jobs within a country, supreme executive authority gets a mandate from the citizens of the state, not from the corporations. Corporations, especially Corporate America, have usually nothing to do with the livelihood of the work force to gain economic power. It is much more interested in the stockholder's profit margin. Why
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