Essay on “Analyze, Don’t Summarize” by Michael Berube

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Essay on “Analyze, Don’t Summarize” by Michael Berube Berube analogize student’s essays and watching sports commentary on ESPN, because students tend to summarize in their essays instead of analyzing it. Berube uses an example as to what he is trying to explain that the world of sports is metacommentary and no one actually summarizes on how the game is being played. Instead they analyze, they just point out the important part of the game. In the tenth paragraph he quotes “Well, Tony let me point out that last night, the Red Sox swept the Tigers and crept to within three games of the Yankees.” And then he quotes that “…I’m just pointing out that the Sox won 3-1, on a four hitter by Schilling, while the Yanks blew another…show more content…
This is why sports monocommentary is supposed to be doing –arguing about the game not just “Chattering” like he says. The author expresses the difference between analyzing and summarizing simply by contradicting himself with the rest of the essay, because he mentioned he wants his papers to be arguable just as sports talks should be. Berube says that sports talks’ analogy is useful simply as a handy way of distinguishing between summary and analysis. “When a student paper cites textual evidence so compelling and unusual that it makes me go back and read passage in a question (good!) …”he quotes and a “suggests that a novel conclusion fails to resolve the questions and tensions raised by the rest of the narrative or makes claim that are directly contradicted by the literary text its self (bad!)...” (page 304) The significance of his point that “an observation is not a thesis means” because a thesis is usually an arguable piece of writing and in most cases factual and an observation is what is perceived by one at the moment meaning only you can base an opinion of what you just saw. In this paragraph Berube emphasizes his point on analyzing, summarizing, and sports talks. The above paragraph shows the author’s black and white thinking about his student’s papers. He believes that there are only two choices; one is the

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