Essay on Baseball

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An interesting fact that I found while researching my topic is that when fielding a grounder, you should always begin with your glove all the way on the ground. If the ball takes a hop, you can bring your glove up to it even if you misjudge, odds are excellent that your top hand and/or your body will block the ball and keep it from going past. It took me a while to realize this myself. And what I am struggling with at this point is finding more reliable sources. A wise man once said “You can have all the physical ability in the world, but you still have to know the fundamentals” (Fundamentals Quotes). The greatest and most talented players in the world still have to learn and know the fundamentals to play the game. Fundamentals are the basics, just the simple basics of the sport, and how to play the game. The important fundamentals of baseball include hitting, fielding, throwing, and also base running. Many people believe that hitting is where it begins. According to an old coach “The main part of baseball that brings people in to the game is hitting. Some have seen professionals do it on TV and others have seen it in person. But as for hitting it is the major part of baseball for many players.” (“Main”). Another coach agrees going as far as saying “A successful player must be able to hit the ball.” (“Basic”) Hitting is not just a part of the game; hitting is the game. Hitting is the main and most important part of the game of baseball. Hitting the baseball is what will
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