Essay on Chipotle and its Economics - Complete with graphs, statistics.. etc.

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Analysis of Chipotle The purpose of this project is to tie together the various topics in microeconomics that are discussed during the semester. The project involves an analysis of a particular product or service, a company that produces the product, the industry that produces the product, and an industry that produces a raw material or input used in the production of the product you choose to analyze. Choose any final good or service (no basic commodities, although this could come in the analysis of an input market). Use this as an opportunity to gain knowledge about the economics of a product or service that interests you. In general, it is easiest to select a product or service provided by a company whose stock is publicly traded.…show more content…
What is the dollar value of the company's assets? What is the dollar value of its net worth (owners' equity)? In the year of 2005, the total revenue of Chipotle was $627.7 Million dollars. "Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (CMG-$53.50 a share) was a January spin-off with an initial public offering price of $22 -- from McDonald's, the largest retailer of hamburger buns in the world. By year-end 2004, CMG had 387 locations, generated $470 million in revenues and earned 21 cents a share."(Berko) Last year, CMG had 485 locations that produced $627.70 million the growth revenue was at 33.40% in 2005. "pushing tacos, burritos, salads, plus huge helpings of tired rice and boring beans reporting net income of 78 cents a share. This year, CMG expects to earn 71 cents a share and, according to Prudential Securities, CMG will report $1 billion in 2007 revenues (that's a lot of beans) and post higher earnings of 98 cents a share." (Berko) Although Chipotle is at an all time high I believe that it may well be trading its shares at to high of a price. Mcdonalds the best and most efficiently run profitable fast food restaurant is trading their shares at 17 times earnings. Today Chipotle is trading at an outstanding $56.07 Per share. I don't believe Chipotle is worth anything over $30 a share. Although the price of chipotle stock is too high there should still be a hefty revenue at year end 2007. Predictions suggest 1 Billion dollars. For 2005

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