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Clothes Essay
The short story “Clothes” is written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni in 1995. Clothes is about a young Indian woman called Sumita, and she is having an arranged marriage. The story takes place in Calcutta, India, where Sumita lives with her family and her two friends, Deepali and Rhada, before she gets married. Her father has found a great husband from California for her, Somesh Sen. She travels to California with her new husband, and is astonished how USA is, compared to India. Somesh works in a store called 7-eleven. Sumita and Somesh live with their in-laws, and want to move out. Somesh takes night shifts at 7-eleven, the earn some more money. One night, a robber comes in and shots Somesh in the chest so he dies.
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It shows it is a very archaic culture, where women have no voice of their own, and no right to make their own decisions.

Sumita has great expectations for USA, but she´s absolutely also anxious about what her new life will be like. Her husband owns a 7-eleven, which is a lousy drugstore in reality, but she pictures as something magical, with romantic lightning and a cozy environment. She views America as a land of opportunities, but also danger.

I wanted a blue one for the journey, because blue is the color of possibility, the color of the sky through which i would be traveling. But mother said there must be red in it because red is the color of luck for married women. (P. 174-L. 28)

To wear for the flight, Sumita chooses a blue sari because it represents the color of possibility and it also matches the color of the sky “… through which I would be travelling”. But her parents decide, and she wears a midnight-blue with a thin red border. Once Sumita is in America, the transition from wife to woman begins. Her husband, Somesh, buys her American clothes, and she proudly tries them on and shows them of in the mirror for him. The American clothes is a sunrise orange t-shirt and it says “Great America” on it, and a matching pair of jeans. At this point, Sumita realizes that she is a young and beautiful Indian woman. She has beautiful breasts, hips and curves on her body. Sumita is more independent, then when she left from
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