Essay on Conflict Resolution and Mediation to End School Violence

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Use of Conflict Resolution and Mediation to End School Violence

Conflict and differences of opinion exist in every healthy organization. Americans need to try to take control of today's youth and the violence that is and has been developing in this country for many years. Although violence will never be extinct, there are many different ways to reduce violence. Each school and student population has different ways of dealing with and helping to curb the need for violence in schools.

The most effective and most common method in dealing with violence in schools is conflict resolution. It has been used in many different states and in several different formats to try to give the students, faculty, and parents an
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* Mediation as a conflict resolution method can result in a reduction in violence, vandalism, chronic school absence and suspension.

* Mediation n training helps both young people and teachers to deepen their understanding about themselves and others.

"Effective conflict resolution requires dealing constructively with disagreements rather than pushing them under the rug, letting them break into open warfare, or attempting to eliminate them completely. Successful resolution of a conflict may include the following: accurate diagnosis of the nature and source of the conflict, a clear understanding of how each party is contributing to the conflict, skills and processes for defining alternatives, constructively negotiating outcomes, and creatively developing win-win resolutions" (Hagberg Consulting Group, 1).

The five steps used to complete a conflict resolution are diagnosis, goal setting, negotiation, future strategies, and follow-up. During the diagnosis and goal setting stages, we would establish the nature, source, and scope of the conflict to better aid us in finding and setting a goal. During negotiation and future strategy stages, we would enhance individual skills, facilitate meetings, and ensure constructive resolution is reached and then, help the students establish new model and behaviors for resolving future conflicts. Finally, the
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