Essay on Curleys Wife of Mice and Men John Steinbeck

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Curley’s wife is the only woman from the novel of mice and men written by John Steinbeck. She is the wife of the boss’s son Curley. She has no friends besides Curley as the live on a ranch with all of the workers who are all men. She tries to speak to men throughout the novel but none of them want anything to do with her. She is lonely and bored because of this.
She is a very pretty and young woman, when she is first mentioned in the novel when talking to George and Lennie in the bunk house ‘she had full, rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made up’. Her finger nails were red. She wore a cotton house dress and red mules.’ Although she has a husband she still loves male attention which could be why she wears vibrant colours to be
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She hasn’t got the best dialect and uses allot of slang for example when she is talking to Lennie in the barn she uses ‘tenement’ instead of tournament. She had a dream of being in the movies, having nice clothes, sitting in big hotels and having pictures taken of her. She believed that she had a chance of fulfilling her dream she says that she met a guy that ‘says I was a natural’ that was going to put her in the movies this shows that she is very naive in believing this but this is probably because she is young and still has allot to learn. But john Steinbeck also makes her seem the victim at times in the novel for example she showed that she had always been used by men as none of them intended to put her in films. Because of this it leaves her bitter in her marriage knowing that being in films was once on offer for her because she was trapped with no contact with the outside world of wider opportunities.
John Steinbeck also show a nasty and disrespectful side to Curleys wife when she is speaking to crooks George, Lennie and Candy in the barn ‘You bindle bums think you’re so damn good’, talking to a bunch of bindle stiffs, a nigger an’ a dum-dum and a lousy ol’ sheep’ this shows that she doesn’t respect her elders and thinks of herself allot better than them. She is very racist towards Crooks and uses the fact that she is a young woman against him ‘well you keep your trap shut then, Nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it
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