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Theories and Practices in Curriculum and Instruction Marno Anga Dr. Erlinda Navarro MA in Educational Management M-F 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Finals Examinations - Answers 2. Search any Memorandum Order from DepEd or CHED and analyze their relevance to curriculum reengineering. According to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 38, Series of 2010 (kindly see attachment for copy of file), they have delineated the different subjects being taught in both AB and BS Psychology. They have broken the course into the following: General Education | 63 units | Required Course | 28 units | Basic Course | 8 units | Natural Sciences | 20 units | Elective Courses | 15 units | Physical Education | 8 units | National Service Training…show more content…
This term focuses not just a minor tweak or changes in the existing curriculum, but focuses on the total overhauling of the system. The curriculum reengineering is a daunting task not just for the developer and expert but also in the school administrators and everyone below him/her. The question of how often should we conduct curriculum reengineering be done? The answer is as often as possible. The second part of that answer is when is that even occurring? If the evaluation program yields that there are gross differences between your curriculum and the outside world then curriculum reengineering should be done. But I have said before, curriculum reengineering is a curriculum overhaul. It is taking up a curriculum, breaking it apart and reassembling it. This should not be happening. A curriculum should be a smooth transition from one point to another. But if this overhauling do occur, however, this means that the proper fail safe mechanisms were not established and proper checks and balances were not set-up properly. This is where curriculum evaluation takes its role as an agent of change. Curriculum evaluation is so important that it helps highlight the strengths, expose the flaw and challenges of the current or planned curriculum. It offers a distinct view on how everything works. Imagine a teacher just teaching all day for the past forty years and not even evaluated once. Then she leaves the
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