Essay on Development

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Karina Marie Leal 11.26.09 Com31 DEV. COMM Only now, did I have the chance to really reflect on why we develop and why do we not. Before and up to now I usually associate development with technology, but at this very moment, I just contradicted myself. Although technology does play an important part in determining it, I don’t think it’s enough to give justice to what development really is because technological development is just a part of the whole. Development takes different forms; it could pertain to individualistic, universal, materialistic development and many others, so development itself is very broad…show more content…
We don’t see documents or pictures saying that our ancestors wakes up every morning with a frown on their faces because they have a big meeting with the dealers of their company, nor do they seemed to have any problems with a cancelled flight or early morning stampede on shopping malls. All are now living in a generation where people prefer seeing large buildings rather than large beautiful trees; or where people prefer to talk online rather than meeting personally. It’s funny how we contradict ourselves today; why we focus so much on the future that we let the present slip by. How much we want to get older but the moment that we are old enough we come racing for our childhood to come back or how we work so hard for money yet spend all of it for hospital bills. Although we now live in a world where large buildings and beautiful town houses signifies our development I think its not enough basis to measure how developed we are because we also have to look at it in a fragmented manner, to look closely at the individuals who makes up our society. Our individualistic perspective is slipping away due to our desires to have all that we think is the world’s greatest offer, I’m not an anti-thesis of these people because I am one of them, but this behavior is what hampers us to achieve development. We tend to become too subjective with our lives that we often distort our reality and our ideas. We fail to really connect with one another without the notions on widening our
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