Essay on "Dr. Daedalus," Lauren Slater essay which depicts her opinions on memes

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Human Into Animals There are humans in the world that strive to become more animal like. Whether they just act like ones, or have surgical operations to look more like one, they try to become more like an animal. In her essay, "Dr. Daedalus," Lauren Slater suggests that by altering our physical selves to emulate something more animal, our brains, and possibly even our souls, we become somehow more animal as well. She feels that we transform, and become more animal like every time we alter our body into the form of an animal. Slater is correct to point out that when we change our self to look more like animals we might have more in physical features in common with them, but she fails to look at how our identities do not change. We look…show more content…
She straightforward states the assumption that we are different from animals because we have this core is wrong. The reasoning is that we know that scientifically there is no center to the brain where everything happens and all of our thoughts join. Each part works on its own; there is no centralized part in the brain. We know enough about the brain for scientists to say that there is no core of the brain where we can find the little me resides. Keeping all this in mind, we can base the idea that when our bodies change, and we become more animal like, our mentality is affected too. We might think we more like a lizard if we scale our skin, therefore we would act more like a lizard. The problem is we "think" we're the lizard, but our brain doesn't become like a lizard's. We don't start thinking like a lizard. Most importantly, we don't lose our meme; the meme isn't even somewhat changed. We only show how versatile our power of meme is. When we add a new part to our body, or change it is some form, our brain adopts to those changes. Lauren Slater basis her idea on that we change who we are when our brain adapts these new changes. She feels that when we get a procedure one on ourselves to look more like an animal; we are in fact going to become a little more like that animal. Slater quotes Joe Rosen in her essay, "if I were to attach a third thumb, your brain would map it, absolutely. Our bodies change our brains and our brains are

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