Essay on Eco-Friendly Products

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Raised on rationing and under the spectre of a nuclear war, older generations have loved to grumble about the easy ride enjoyed by youngsters today at one point or another. But it would seem that despite the improved working conditions, freedom and vast array of ways to splash the cash, life for young people has never been tougher. A surprising study of 4,000 people across two generations found that not only does the current younger generation think their parents had it easy, the over-50's agree. Difference: Today's youth are more stressed and want more money than their parents' generation Free love: Like the Door's Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer), baby boomers were able to relax and go their own way The study, which was commissioned by…show more content…
Medical breakthroughs have helped stop spread the diseases that once ravaged cities and countries. Travel is easier and peoples opinions have evolved. The same will be in another 50 years time too. Life is generally getting easier, however relationships are becoming strained and people are slowly becoming lazier due to the rapid increase in technology The advancement of science and technology has made lives better. Vaccination helped in eradicating illnesses. Microwave made cooking more convenient. Computers aid in learning and communication and cars have alarm systems and devices for geographic locations. • In terms of women's independence and say yes life is better, fifty years ago women were expected to be good housewifes, looking after children etc, nowadays we can do all that plus have our own independance by working, having our own car/ house/ career, etc It is more conveinent nowadays I mean having computers, telephones, fax machines, telephone answering machines, epilaters, waxing and the list goes on • people don't have to work as hard for their money as they used to. there are more visuals and things are much faster (but with more mistakes). travel is better (for sales people, for visiting family, for international commerce) computers have
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