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Essay on Elliott Erwitt Elliott Erwitt is a street photographer born in Paris from Russian immigrant parents (Erwitt, 2011). This essay will not focus on his biography but rather put emphasis on his work. Elliott Erwitt is known for his spontaneity when taking snapshot and passion for the human condition (Magnum Photos, 2011). He also has a very sharp sense of humor that is without a doubt reflected on his work. Elliott Erwitt has also a particular affinity for dogs and kids (Erwitt, 2011). It is said that the challenge is to be able to recognize the work of a particular photographer based on specific characteristics distinctive to him (Magnum Photos, 2011). As a matter of fact, Elliott Erwitt’s snapshots all have distinguishing…show more content…
I think that this picture is really about enjoying youself without caring of what society believes is appropriate. It is said that “The true content of a photograph is invisible, for it derives from a play not with form but with time”. This makes me think that the real content of a picture, which is what the photographer tried to express, is not evident to perceive unless an explanatory text is provided. In fact, I believe that our perceptions of pictures changes over time as the historical context do. In addition, our opinions are never fixed as they are influenced by our environment. Therefore, when looking at a particular picture at a given time, it is certain that our perception of it will be different in the future based on what happen between the first time and second time we saw it. After viewing these six pictures, I consider that it is almost impossible to feel sad or depressed when looking at Elliott Erwitt work. Finally, the essay will be finished by mentioning a quote of him that I believe perfectly represents what photography is about and how it reaches out to most people: "It's about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It's simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what's around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy. Words count:

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