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The feature articles ‘No Time to Stop’ written by Kate Legge and ‘The Ugly Truth about Beauty’ by Julie Hosking, embody a range of generic conventions. Both articles make use of conventions such as a descriptive opening paragraph, graphics and omission, to allow the journalists to present their ideas and opinions effectively to the reader. A common idea evident in both texts relate to children and society; the first article conveniently stating that if only we more willing to help and were less engrossed in our own lives, a young boy would’ve been reluctant to see the next day. The other article deals with a young girl, who has been deprived of a normal childhood through the accessorisation of her falsified childhood. These ideas, together…show more content…
The immediate pronunciation of Kieran’s death, “by then he was dead”, leaves the reader guilt-stricken, contemplating that maybe if people were less engrossed in their own lives and more attentive to others, Kieran would be alive today. In the second article, ‘The Ugly Truth about Beauty’ Julie Hosking compares the lives of two girls, showing two extremes – a little Somalian girl and American girl. The contrast between these girls displays how invigorating the little American ‘princesses’ childhood is, alternatively how depressing the little Somalian girl’s childhood is. “The first one lives in a dustbowl, nothing between her and unforgiving sky. Her clothes are torn and dirty, her feet rough and bare. The second lives in a four-bedroom house surrounded by trophies. Her clothes are covered in feathers and sequins, manicured feet ensconced in silver heels”. The descriptive comparison between the two girls in the opening paragraph entices the reader and notes how the African child is deprived of her childhood because of hunger and poverty and how deceptive the other little girl’s childhood is through the glamorisation and vicarious motives of her mother.
The second device utilised in both articles were ‘graphics’. In

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