Essay on Firearms and Weapons

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Firearms are the weapons of choice for people who decide to use them for protection. Unfortunately, they are also the weapon of choice for criminals. Since firearms are easy for criminals to steal, firearms are readily available on the black market; this makes firearms the prime tool for criminals. Most crimes involving firearms are committed with the use of a handgun; this is a serious problem in America today. Some gun control supporters believe that restricting firearms is the best way to protect citizens. However, restricting firearms fails to protect people because the laws are not effective, restricting firearms prevents people from an effective means of self-defense, and the laws do not solve the actual problem, which is the owner of firearms. The restriction on firearms is an ineffective way to protect citizens. There are some cities that have employed firearm bans in the past, and the results were very poor. On September 24, 1976, Washington, D.C. enacted a ban on handguns, the ban was later cancelled on June 26, 2008. Under this regulation, no one could possess firearms except police officers. Evidently, restricting firearms in D.C. had little effect on reducing the amount of crimes committed, and the number of murders actually increased by a great deal. Supporters of firearm control would argue this information by saying that the data is one sided , and that it is necessary to take into account other factors such as the rise of drug and gang violence.
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