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When one person starts to compare the behavior of his generation to the next we might say that he is already growing old. Why? Because of the fact that there is a distinction of one’s generation to the next. The distinguishing characteristic may be better or worse, but as can be observed today adolescents have gone into a track which is in a less favorable demeanor. Thanks to Burrhus Frederic Skinner, popularly known as B.F. Skinner for obvious reason, the master of in human behavior, a teacher as well as parents can now have an idea as to the know how’s in shaping human behavior. Shaping human behavior means leading a certain individual towards performing repeatedly a certain conduct bit by bit. Bit by bit since you cannot expect a…show more content…
Negative reinforcement strengthens behavior because it stops or removes an unpleasant experience. Skinner showed how negative reinforcement worked by placing a rat in his Skinners box. This Skinners box is different from the one used in the positive reinforcement as this particular box is subjected with discomforting electric current which may cause uneasiness to anything imprisoned in it. As the rat moved around the box it would accidentally knock the lever. Immediately it did so the electric current would be switched off. The rats quickly learned to go straight to the lever after a few times of being put in the box. The consequence of escaping the electric current ensured that they would repeat the action again and again. These response is also known as escape learning. Many are hooked into the negative reinforcement. It is also used by circus trainers in especially training a bear to dance. When a bear is still a cub it is placed in a metal plate which is hot accompanied by a music. This specific cub lifts its feet to get rid of the burning sensation it feels from the metal plate. By lifting alternately its feet it removes the negative reinforcement which is the burning sensation. It gets accustomed into this scenario that when the cub hears a music playing it lifts its feet even though the hot metal plate is already removed. Another example is a child cleaning

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