Essay on India—an Emerging Power in the World

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Essay on India—an Emerging Power in the World Rare are the moments in history when a nation suddenly captures the imagination of the world. For India, those rare moments have arrived. The country is achieving a high economic growth of over 8 per cent of its GDP annually, on a consistent basis. In fact, India’s economic growth rate is second highest in the world-next only to China. The developed world has been left behind. The two Asian giants-India and China have today turned the leaders of growth of the global economy. One can get the measure of India’s resurgent economy from the fact that the world GDP growth is around 4 per cent. For advanced countries, the growth rate is around 3.5 per cent, while India is maintaining its GDP growth…show more content…
Our exports have almost doubled during the last four years. The foreign exchange reserves have crossed US $ 200 billion which have given India a great financial strength. Our rupee has become very strong against the other international currencies- notably dollar, pound and euro. However, there is poverty amidst plenty in many areas. Millions people live in poverty and destitution. They do not have even the basic amenities of life, viz. food, clothing and shelter. This is because of the large size of our population, illiteracy, poor public distribution system and corruption. But, things are improving fast in India. Centuries of exploitative rule by the British had drained India of its wealth. After achieving independence, the country had a great task of rebuilding the basic infrastructure, spread education and bring new technology. The planned growth put the country back on track. Today, the literacy rate has improved to over 75 per cent, the per capita income has crossed Rs 25,000, health care facilities are available in every part of the country, and employment opportunities are growing. The large size of the population is actually a great source which can lead the country to dizzy heights. Nearly fifty per cent of our population is young which means a great working potential, which, if properly utilized can increase production and eradicate poverty. India is the biggest democracy in the world. The governments at the centre as well as at the states
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