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Throughout the last twenty odd centuries, a vast amount of company leaders have altered and reinforced their management style and ultimately this has created high levels of inspiration, leading individuals to become a better leader. (Krebs. V, 2008, para.1).
Whilst numerous leadership styles have become apparent throughout history, it is clear nowadays that leaders have persuaded the human behavior and has had an impact on individuals within society to better themselves. With connection to sub-topics from self-study and personal experience as both an employee and a customer, this essay will provide a synopsis of Jordan Belfort’s life, critically analyse the strengths a
As time proceeded his career progressed and Jordan started to
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It was at this point that motivation was the main key to the companies overall success. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos explains that happiness leads to motivation, and motivation leads to success in the corporate culture (Motivation History, 2013). The notion of rallying troops was apparent as one of Jordan’s personal traits. In essence the notion of rallying troops explains that all individuals must work as a cohort. This ensures that quality is not compromised and ultimately brings high levels of satisfaction to the end user. The employees witness high levels of quality products and services, in turn inspiring them (Harvard Business Review, 2011).

The practices displayed in his initialnd always encouraged high levels of professionalism.

Practical applications on leadership theories
The style approach of leadership predominantly sheds its focus on the way in which a leader displays behavioral patterns. The two types of behavior facilitated in this concept are task behavior and relationship behavior. Task behavior directs a team to accomplish predetermined goals, and relationship behavior ensures that team members feel comfortable, not only with the role in which they partake in, but also comfort within the team they are working with.

Belfort maintained great levels of success in bringing his team of colleagues together, providing comfort and gratification in the
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