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Lawren Harris was a Canadian artist who was born in Brantford, Ontario in the year of 1885. Lawren Harris plays a very important role in art history as he was one of the best known landscape painters as well as the leader of the Group of Seven. The group of seven began in the twentieth century and is a group of artists who were brought together by the common interest of art. These men today are Canada’s most famous artists as their works symbolizes Canada’s identity. Lawren was also the founding member and the first president of the Canadian Group of Painters. He was very influential on many people and artists including Jock MacDonald which led to many others. Lawren Harris was a very modest artist. He did not create paintings to become…show more content…
Harris became an artist just like his father. While Lawren was still married to Beatrice, 14 years later he fell in love with another women who’s name was Bess Houser. Bess also was married to a man named F.B. Housser. They were both unsure of what to do as if they both got divorced and then married each other, it would result in a huge scandal. After 24 years of being married to Beatrice, he left her for Bess Houser who Lawren ended up marrying in 1834. Beatrice’s family threatened Lawren to charge him with bigamy which is the act of entering a marriage while you are still legally in one. Lawren ended up moving to the United States of America later that year with Bess. They then moved again in 1940 to Vancouver, British Columbia. That is when Lawren began to make abstract paintings. Twenty nine years later, Lawren was made a Companion of the Order of Canada. The next year, Harris died in Vancouver and was buried on the grounds of the McMichael Art Gallery where his work is displayed. His work will always be remembered and still continued to sell years later. His paintings have very high values and has been sold for a record of 2,875,000 in 2007. Lawren was a very inspirational artist and his work will never be forgotten. Lawren’s paintings are very recognizable as they use the same types of techniques. His paintings are abstract landscapes of rural Ontario showing an appreciation for where he is from. The style of Lawren’s paintings were use of bright, yet

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