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In Shakespeare’s production Macbeth several kings, or kings to be, are introduced: Duncan, Macbeth, Sir Edward the Confessor, and Malcolm. Malcolm although only seventeen, is far superior to the rest. His well-rounded character, words of wisdom and ability to make patient, well thought out decisions proves him the best again and again. With the help of his own personal skills and reputation Malcolm is able to take back the throne that should have been his all along.

The first thing that proves Malcolm to be a good king is simply the things he says and how people listen and respond. Words of confidence, compassion, authority, and strength are passed on to fellow soldiers, friends and family. A prime example of this is when Malcolm leads
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What 's more Malcolm’s reputation with King Duncan saves him from almost certain death when the rebel Macdonwald kidnaps him and Duncan has him rescued. Also, even after Malcolm tells Macduff he lusts for woman and greed’s for wealth and land, he still considers him worthy to be a king and follows him into battle eventually slaying Macbeth himself. Malcolm’s reputation even effects Macbeths people to the point they would rather submit to Malcolm then listen to there own king and fight.

Secondly, Malcolm compared with the other kings of Macbeth is the perfect balance of character unlike Macbeth, Malcolm is able to control his ambition and not be coaxed into bad decisions, for example Malcolm says: “Modest wisdom plucks me from over-credulous haste.” Malcolm allows himself to think carefully before making decisions, which a king can’t go without doing. Furthermore Macbeth is crushed by his own thirst for power where as Malcolm slowly takes back the throne gaining trust and allies along the way instead of making enemies and killing the innocent because of fear. Also when comparing Malcolm with Edward the Confessor and his father Duncan it seems he is the golden mean. Where his father’s weakness is, Malcolm is strong, for example Malcolm is able to deceiver Macduff and others as good or bad people, Duncan could not read Macbeth personality,
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