Essay on Marketing Process

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#1. The Marketing process is made up of simple concepts that involve lots of research on the part of the marketer. The process begins with understanding the consumer, without knowing what consumers need or want, it would be extremely hard for firms to both develop and sell a product. Knowing that consumers want more green products due to growing environmental concerns is a very important detail. Needs and wants are what fuel consumer purchases and marketers must perform research in order to best serve their customers. Through this research, marketers are led to the next step of the process and can now develop a customer driven marketing strategy. Here, the firm must decide how it will differentiate its product from others on the market.…show more content…
This first strategy calls for the creation of more sales without changing the original product, which can achieved through the four P’s of marketing. The next strategy, market development, allows the supplier to find new markets for their current products by using demographic markets to see where the greatest revenue will be based on the target group you are selling to (seniors, teens, etc.). Product development is the next strategy which focuses on new products the modification of current products. This strategy is rather important as without evolving products to meet the ever changing needs of current and potential companies can see a loss in sales and would limit their ability to be competitive in the market. The final strategy is diversification. This strategy calls for companies to attain current or new businesses allowing them to “diversify” their offerings and break into new markets.
By using Marketing strategy, organizations concentrate their resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and maintain a competitive advantage in its market (Wickipedia, pg1).Market segmentation is the process companies use to divide their market into groups of buyers and establish marketing tailored to individual groups. Market targeting is the process of actually choosing the market which poses the greatest profitability. Positioning involves product placement and helps marketers highlight their product over a competitor. The
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