Essay on Online Communication, the Fame of Its Technology

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How do people fall in love, finish degrees and manage businesses, all because of the technology on the Internet? This is strongly answered by internet technology such as: the use of webcams and video conferencing that has affected interpersonal communication today. Over the past few years, video conferencing technology has been growing as a result of the desktop and internet technology. These personal cameras allow the user to share a moving image of themselves with others. These cameras are then used in any kind of video conferencing, or conversation there may be. Video as well as audio makes the experience seem very human. It has allowed interpersonal communication exist when your not actually in person. The fact that people can now have …show more content…
Unfortunately, mostly women were not excited to use them at the end of the semester. Though at the beginning they were more pleasurable of using video conferencing classes. This study also found that computer anxiety might exist for most prior experiences of computers.

The potential for webcam users has helped them have security and private relationships. At times webcam users may explore other ways of using them for their own individual satisfaction. In these articles it explained the use of surveillance in the working atmosphere or at home. Kim Kamando, author of "I See You”, describes the amount experiences of people using the webcam for surveillance. By doing this one "can set the webcam to go into "stealth monitoring mode" and secretly save the video images on your computer's hard drive for later viewing" (Kimando). Such users would put them out for baby sitters, in their home offices, and in the workplace. Webcam security is also small and hard to see, which makes security unnoticeable. Others have spoke of using webcams to allow people to inspect schools campuses. The author suggest that this idea of webcams on their website has been used for about five to ten years, but just has not been a priority. Though now they're trying to change that for students and students for the future.

Schools "often use them to provide beauty shots of the campus. Many are pointed at construction projects, so viewers can see the status of
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