Essay on Pierre Elliot Trudeau

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau:
A Successful Prime Minister

A great Prime Minister should always do what is right for Canada, no matter what obstacles he or she faces. Looking at the fifteen years he was in power, Pierre Elliot Trudeau did exactly that. For instance, he implemented the Official Languages Act and made bilingualism law. In another case, he put an end to the October Crisis by putting into effect the War Measures Act. Finally, Trudeau amended the Constitution which gave Canadians a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a successful Prime Minister who accomplished his goals despite facing enormous opposition.

While accomplishing his goal of a bilingual Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau
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As a form of retaliation, the FLQ killed Laporte and his body was later found in the trunk of a car at the airport in St. Hubert, Quebec. After raiding a hideout of FLQ members, the police eventually identified the location of James Cross and he was released unharmed. Despite criticism towards his forceful actions, Trudeau had made a peaceful end to the October crisis.

As Pierre Elliot Trudeau strived to patriate the Constitution, the opposition was a huge threat. “The Statute of Westminster (1931) and the Second World War (1939-1945) secured Canada 's independence. However, Canada continued to retain its links to Great Britain, since its Constitution could only be modified by the British Parliament” (Roch). Trudeau wanted to put an end to British control by modifying the Constitution. In the last few weeks of the 1979 election campaign, Trudeau was struggling and decided it was time to present his plan. As he put it in a Toronto speech, “a Constitution made in Canada, by Canadians, for Canadians” (Lewis 16). The idea was not popular among Canadians and Conservative leader Joe Clark became the youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history. This did not last very long though as a vote of non-confidence occurred after the government proposed tax increases. “As a result of his government 's defeat, Clark called a general election for Feb. 18, 1980. Trudeau led the Liberals in the campaign. He climaxed an
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