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The Artist in Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man and Pink Floyd's The Wall Foragers, the people who live in hunter-gatherer societies, have no artists. It is only when society becomes complex enough to support a division of labor do artists emerge-first as shamans, then as the painters, singers, writers, etc., that we usually think of today. Society, then, creates the artist, but it can also destroy him. In A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man, James Joyce describes the particular development of Stephan Dedalus that led to his becoming an artist. Pink's development in Pink Floyd's The Wall, mirrors that of Stephen yet concludes in the destruction of the artist. An important similarity between them is…show more content…
Pink Floyd makes this separation into the metaphor of the brick wall that plays a role though out the rock opera. Pink Floyd focuses entirely on its destructive side while James Joyce only touches on its negative aspects as he portrays the artist's development and concludes with the constructive side of the separation. The separation begins in both artists while they are very young and becomes most evident in their interactions with their peers and members of the opposite sex. A contributing factor to the development of their separation is the manner in which they were educated. School, a place that is supposed to nurture the minds of children, has devastating effects on the young artists. The teachers, who are supposed to guide their students in unlocking their potential, are harsh and authoritative. Stephen is punished unfairly for having broken his glasses, and Pink's poetry is mocked before the class. Pink expresses his opinion of the education he received in the album's most well know song: We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave the kids alone... All in all you're just another brick in the wall. Also in their family life, neither receive the affection nor sympathy they need in order to learn to identify with or to interact meaningfully with the people in their lives. Stephen's mother is a "nice mother" (9) but she has remarkably little

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