Essay on Resilience and How One Can Promote Resilience

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STUDENT'S NAME: Tanya Whelan

LECTURER'S NAME: David Williams

COURSE: B.A. Social Care Practice (_In Service_)


SUBJECT: Principles of Professional Practice in social care

SUBMISSION DATE: 27 October 2009


TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT: Discuss how social care workers might utilise resiliency theories and frameworks to meet the needs and enhance the life skills of a group of clients in their care. Your discussion should draw on relevant theoretical frameworks and be applied to a particular social care setting of your choice.

Declaration of ownership: I declare that the attached work is entirely my own and that all sources have been acknowledged.

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_"A resilient child/ person have
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The resilience methodology seeks to build on strengths and strengthen the supports and opportunities of the child. Resilience plays a vital role in assisting a child in settling into a new placement, without experiencing major emotional difficulties. Three factors that promote resilience are secure base, Self-esteem and Self-efficacy(Grotberg, 2000). These can be influenced by positive experiences on a daily basis, some which will be highlighted throughout the assignment.

Resilience in an individual refers to successful adaptation, despite the risk and adversity. The manner in which Matson 2004 defines resilience is very clear to me, as I can relate and reflect this to one particular girl that resided in the care centre I worked. Throughout the young girl's childhood, she developed an insecure and ambivalent attachment to both her parents, as a result of their hectic lifestyle of substance misuse. At a young age her father died from the HIV viruses, which lead her mother in becoming depressed and profoundly dependant on drugs. Due to the mother's dependency, she was unable to respond accordingly to the girls needs, given very mixed and inconsistent responses. At the age of 10, due to extreme neglect, the young girl was removed from her mothers care and entered the care setting. Over the years the young girl had experienced several placement breakdowns, and at 13 was admitted to a residential centre. During this time she felt both a
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