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|Name: Julia Blanco |Teacher: Elena Ma. Garcia |
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The aim of this essay is to give an outline of Roald Dahl’s life, highlighting the most important moments of his life, to point out his mayor works - specially the ones addressed to children-, and to mention many critics’ opinions of his writing.
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So in 1961 “James and the Giant Peach” was published. Afterwards, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was released in 1964 in the US and in 1967 in the UK. A UK journalist wrote in “The times”: “It’s the funniest children’s book I have read in years…” The book turned out to be a worldwide phenomenon. So well-known was the book that it has nowadays two movie versions; one in 1971 and the other in 2005. Many bestsellers followed, including “Matilda”, “Danny the Champion of the World”, “The BFG”, “The Twits”, “The Witches”, “Boy” and “Going Solo”. “Matilda” for example, broke all the records of a children’s book by selling over a half a million books in six months.

Many people tried to explain Roald Dahl’s success in writing children’s books. Robin Swicord, the writer of the Matilda’s movie version said “Dahl is keyed into the psychological life of a child better than any other writer. He brings their fears right to the surface…” Also Danny de Vito said “Dahl will lead a child out onto a windy limb and then suddenly he will place a ladder underneath and the child will get safely to the ground”

He was the greatest believer that reading was paramount for all human beings. He claimed that books should not be overwhelming but funny, exciting, moving and wonderful. In addition to being a writer, Roald Dahl was also a gifted poet. His children's books are full of songs and poetry, and he wrote

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