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A smart card is a plastic card about the size of a credit card, with an embedded microchip that can be loaded with data, used for telephone calling, electronic cash payments, and other applications, and then periodically refreshed for additional use. Currently or soon, you may be able to use a smart card to: * Dial a connection on a mobile telephone and be charged on a per-call basis * Establish your identity when logging on to an Internet access provider or to an online bank * Pay for parking at parking meters or to get on subways, trains, or buses * Give hospitals or doctors personal data without filling out a form * Make small purchases at electronic stores on the Web (a kind of cybercash) * Buy gasoline at a …show more content…
ID-1 of the ISO/IEC 7810 standard defines cards as nominally 85.60 by 53.98 millimetres (3.370 × 2.125 in). Another popular size is ID-000 which is nominally 25 by 15 millimetres (0.984 × 0.591 in) (commonly used in SIM cards). Both are 0.76 millimetres (0.030 in) thick. * Contains a tamper-resistant security system (for example a secure cryptoprocessor and a secure file system) and provides security services (e.g. protects in-memory information). * Managed by an administration system which securely interchanges information and configuration settings with the card, controlling card blacklisting and application-data updates. * Communicates with external services via card-reading devices, such as ticket readers, ATMs, etc.
[edit] Benefits
Smart cards can provide identification, authentication, data storage and application processing.[1]
[edit] History

A smart card, combining credit card and debit card properties. The 3 by 5 mm security chip embedded in the card is shown enlarged in the inset. The contact pads on the card enables electronic access to the
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