Essay on St. Jerome

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Kate Reitz September 30, 2012
Religion Essay: Saint Jerome 8C St. Jerome is a Doctor and Father of the Church, and the patron saint of the library. His feast day is celebrated on September 30th. He was born the year 342AD in Stridonious, Italy. St. Jerome did not come from a wealthy family, but they did own houses and slaves. His Christian father sent him to Rome for three (3) years, where he became fluent in Latin and Greek and studied Rhetoric (which is kind of like Law, today). There, St. Jerome began to collect a considerable library of books, which he always took with him on his later travels. During his time in Rome, he was not an active Christian, but he was baptized by Pope Liberius. On Sundays, St. Jerome
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Luke, the translation of Didymus on the Holy Spirit. St. Jerome also documented the history of the church.

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