Essay on UFO's and whether or not they are real; includes works cited.

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UFOs: Are They Real?

UFOs have been one of the greatest mysteries of all times. From the beginning of time humans have seen UFOs. The real mystery is whether or not a UFO is a ship from another planet. There have been numerous reports of flying saucers. Many of them have been able to be explained and some were even elaborate hoaxes. But still, there are a few out there that are unexplainable and could quiet possibly be visitors from somewhere else in the universe. Even the government has admitted after long studies that some of the reported cases seem to lean towards extraterrestrials. UFO stands for unidentified flying object. Therefore the facts clearly show that UFOs are real.

The most famous of all the sightings was the Roswell
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The next morning a team of Royal Air Force scientists were sent to the site. They found three holes in the ground in a perfect equilateral triangle and in the middle was a piece of scorched earth. There was also a line on all the nearby trees about 4 feet off the ground (Kettelkamp 19). The scientists used a Geiger counter and found extremely high radiation readings from the site. The next night the object appeared again in a nearby field. When investigated the site was similar to the one from the previous night. The official report stated that the object that showed up on the radar and was later seen in Rendlesham Forest could not be identified (Kettelkamp 24).

Sightings of UFOs have not been limited to just on Earth. There have also been many sightings by astronauts in space. Gemini 7 photographed what appeared to be two flying saucers. Apollo 8 may have photographed what was a giant spaceship near the moon. On their next orbit the object had disappeared. Apollo 11 may have also spotted a UFO near the moon. Possibly the most famous and mysterious sighting is the picture taken by the Viking satellite. The photo shows what looks to be a giant face on Mars. The face looks remarkably similar to the face on the Sphinx in Egypt. Some believe it could be a giant monument from an alien race that once lived on Mars (Kettelkamp 7). Photographic analysis could not identify any of the reported objects.

Along with sightings

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