Essay on Virtue Words

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Virtue words A virtue word is traditionally understood as a linguistic construction aimed to raise emotions in people, to send a message and an idea, which may often be an abstract one. For this reason, virtue words play a notable role in propagandas to promoting various thoughts, cultures, life styles or beliefs in an inspiring manner. "Love" is one of the most powerful and commonly used virtue words, understood primarily as "a strong feeling of caring about someone, especially a member of your family or a close friend" (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online, 2013). This definition of the concept however seems rather simplistic and limited in expressing the true meaning of the world, and the means in which it has been able to influence human behavior, consciousness and thought throughout the millennia. The history of love as an integrant part of the human mind, thought and consciousness and it has been present in that way since the first humans ever lived. The understanding of love in this setting is nevertheless a more complex endeavor, and the first thinker to launch on this path was Socrates. Socrates' understanding of love came in a background of love being promoted as sexual relations and affiliations by the Greeks. The people perceived love as an effort to satisfy the gods and themselves; love was seen as the act of love making, rather than an actual feeling. "Those who speak before Socrates mainly share the typical Greek tendency to glorify
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