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Civil Hospital Karachi is a 1900-bed tertiary care public hospital that imparts both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training. It is one of the teaching hospitals affiliated with the Dow Medical College[1] now the Dow University of Health Sciences. Civil Hospital Karachi is arguably the largest teaching hospital of Pakistan, catering not only to all areas of the province of Sindh but also the neighboring province of Balochistan as well. ------------------------------------------------- Historical Background The Civil Hospital Karachi was founded in 1898 in the wake of a third pandemic of Bubonic Plague on the one hand, and the platinum jubilee of Queen Victoria on the other. The pandemic would kill at least an estimated 10…show more content…
Over the years a few other administrators such as Prof Mahmud Ali Shah and Prof S H Rahimtoola were assigned both the positions of Principal Dow Medical College and Medical Superintendent Civil Hospital Karachi in an effort to better coordinate the functions on the campus. However after the upgradation of the Dow Medical College into the Dow University of Health Sciences a few years ago, there is a clear cut demarcation between the hospital’s academic and administrative responsibilities. Prof M Saeed Quraishy is the current Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital Karachi. ------------------------------------------------- [edit]Services Initially established in 1898 with 250 beds to provide basic health facilities, the hospital has expanded considerably and has been totally transformed over the years. Its 1900 beds are located in 34 department, with over a dozen major operation theaters and a huge out patient attendance. Greater stress is being laid on public-private partnerships and preventive work notably in the Paediatrics department to avert unnecessary infant and child deaths due to pneumonia, malnutrition, diarrhea or vaccine-preventable illnesses. Measures are also in place to prevent and control major communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, viral

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