Essay on Why There Was Conflict Between White and Black Australians in the Ninteenth Century

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ESSAY ON WHY THERE WAS CONFLICT BETWEEN WHITE AND BLACK AUSTRALIANS IN THE NINTEENTH CENTURY The relationship between black and white Australians has not surprisingly been based on myth and misunderstanding ever since the first contact between the foreign English and the native Aboriginals at Port Jackson in 1788. The British believed they were confronting primitive savages, with the capacity for any acts of barbarianism, while the Aboriginals who had never seen human beings with white skin and clothes believed they were seeing the return of the spirits of long dead Aboriginals. If there has been a softening of attitude, a growing towards mutual understanding and tolerance since then history would show that it has been the Aboriginals…show more content…
In some cases, Aboriginal people were dressed in European clothing and given manual labour to do. The Aborigine Bennelong was a very early example, after his capture by Captain Arthur Phillip. Children were usually totally isolated from their parents in dormitories in some states they could be removed from their parents and sent off to institutions or put up for adoption by white families. On all but the most enlightened pastoral stations, big ceremonial gatherings and movement of kin from one station to another were forbidden. In every state the movement of Aboriginal people was controlled to some extent, in some cases very harshly. Some missions were however, more open to traditional culture, adapting teachings and practices to suit local conditions. In some regions, Aborigines were able to maintain a hunter-gatherer existence. Despite the long history of contact, it is a really in the last 25 years or so and that real progress has taken place in bringing these two groups closer together. Some sections of the Australian population would argue the change has been too slow, some that it has been too fast. A small minority still oppose any change it at all. Even those who are sympathetic to Aboriginal problems cannot always agree on what should be done. Some support the bringing of the aboriginals into white society and say that eventually they will all live like other

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