Essay on a Particular Moment in My Life

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This week I have to finish my rough draft that I had wrote in week two and turn it in to a final essay. In week two I wrote a rough draft about a particular moment that had a special moaning on my life. A special meaning on my life has been becoming a mother. I was young when I had become a mother for the first time, but even thaw I was young I would not chance it for the world. I was eighteen years old when I become a mother to a healthy, smart and beautiful little girl, her name is Hayley Danielle. Once I had my daughter Hayley she had made me realize that becoming a mother at the age of eighteen was not so bad. Eighteen months later I gave birth to a smart, healthy and handsome baby named Austin Wayne. Having two children by the time…show more content…
I have raised him for a while now and plan on raising him until he is old enough to be out on his own and support himself. I enjoy being the closed thing to a mother to him and taking care of him, I believe he enjoys it also. At the age of twenty-six I am pretty much a mother to four children and I would not chance that for the world. I love all three of my children and my baby brother. My life has held this special moment in it for seven years now and it has be the best seven years I could have ever asked for. This special moment in my life has been a true blessing and I really hope that it stays in my life for as long as I live. I enjoy having this special moment in my life and when I think back and look at their baby picture I sometimes cry because they are my world and I am very happy to have them in my life and be their
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