Essay on the Exodus of Israel

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The Exodus Narratives:
God's Love Story with Israel

"The Exodus is such a significant event in Israel's history that it serves as more than just an account of the wandering in the desert.
It is a paradigm of how God deals with His people, signifying the formation of relationship."

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If readers would accept Clines adoption of the point of view of the MLF (Moabite Liberation Front), then readers would regard God as a God of war and not love. This is totally misleading. The tragedies of war in the Old Testament can only be understood in the context of God's love, protection and deliverance for His beloved nation Israel. That's the point; God has left us a paradigm of undivided loyalty to His people and vengeance against its enemies. God is a God of love and justice.

B. God's call The God of the Exodus made the first call. Most of the worldviews (section IV-A. folly of various worldviews) see God as impersonal. The Burning Bush experience between God and his chosen servant Moses heralds the first call to an otherwise impossible relationship between God and man. (Exodus 3) A unique conversation ensues, forever shifting man's mindset about God; a mindset that is directly opposed to that of the understanding of the heathen nations at that time. [4]

C. God's redemptive plans The Exodus is about God who delivers, who fights and who provides. He is actively involved in the affairs of His people. The narratives become significant because it illuminates for us this truth, even in our post-modern era. For example, consider the following statement. It is Alarming that there is a brewing sentiment towards banning of the Old Testament. "That the Old Testament is easily regarded as antiquated, primitive, (often in a

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