Essay on the Healthcare Quality Strategy for Scotland

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Yvonne O'Sullivan Yvonne O'Sullivan Health Care Quality Strategy for Scotland Essay January 2013 Health Care Quality Strategy for Scotland Essay January 2013 Scotland is a small country comprising of 5.2 million inhabitants, with 22.6% of its population aged 60 or above. Scotland has been distinguished among prosperous western societies for its poor health, with statistics on average more analogous to eastern European countries than with those of Western Europe. Additionally, Scotland has been differentiated within the UK for having a higher degree of mortality than can be justified by its proportion of deprivation. The reasons why Scotland’s health is significantly poorer than other countries…show more content…
Cultivating the leaders of today and tomorrow will be indispensable to the execution of the impressive objectives delineated for the health service (NHS Scotland 2004). Leadership in nursing involves an amalgamation of clinical, academic, executive and political facets. Hence, there is the contingency for nurses to be leaders at the bedside, in universities, in the boardroom and in a political capacity (Gallagher and Tschudin 2010). The clinical nurse leader position is an emergent dynamism as health care endeavours to cope with the challenges of today’s intricacy and result orientation. (Gerard, Grossman and Godfrey). Nursing leadership is critical for effective practice as nurses emblematise the greatest discipline in health care (Sullivan and Garland 2010). Additionally, leadership in nursing has been established as a cost-effectual approach to enhance patient outcomes in times of constrained monetary reserves, when leaders can administer direction, impel change and embolden others (Murphy 2009). In order for the health service to achieve the delivery of high quality, safe, effective care; successful leadership will be required at multidisciplinary level throughout the organisation (Health Service Executive 2009). Research on leadership has revealed an optimistic affiliation with improved patient safety results, salubrious work environment (Shirley 2009), job fulfilment (Sellgren et al. 2007), reduced staff resignation rate,

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