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Dimaikys D. Duncan Paolo Javier English 101 May 30, 2013 Does the Internet make us smarter or dumber? There is a complex debate over the Internet and whether it is making society smarter or dumber. For that matter the debate focuses on the Internet and the intellectuality of individuals, and if the Internet hinders or it progresses society as a whole. Other critics argue that the Internet contributes to the decline of our mental state. On the other hand, others argue that the Internet promotes and encourages literacy by its ability in providing limitless amount of information at the stroke of a key. In
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We become mere signal processing units, quickly shepherding disjointed bits of information into and then out of short-term memory. Carr illustrates how the Internet is making us more superficial as thinkers. He also states how the internet is an information rich environment that the net creates for us and that’s why we use it so much, he refers to words, sounds, pictures, texts and what this tends to do for us is promote a sort of compulsive behavior which we’re constantly checking our smartphone, constantly glancing at our e-mail inbox, and we are living in this perpetual state of distraction and interruption which is dangerous according to Carr because that mode of thinking, crowds out the more contemplate and calmer mode of thinking, and that focused calmed thinking is actually how we learn. That is a process is named memory consolidation. That means that the process of information from our short term working memory to our long term memory and its through moving information from your working memory to your long term memory that you create connections between that information and everything else you know. Carr believes that “attention is the key, and if we loose control of our attention or are constantly dividing our attention then we don’t really enjoy that consolidation process”. I disagree with this quote because I believe that we can also enjoy that
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