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The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez by John Rechy delves into the life of Amalia Gomez; a Mexican-American woman living in a poor rural area of Hollywood. The structure of her family is falling apart due to conflict between the characters and Amalia’s lack of involvement in their lives. Her youngest son Juan is a male prostitute known as a “maricÓn”, her daughter Gloria is falling dangerously close to following in Amalia’s footsteps, and her oldest son Manny although well intentioned starts to clone his father’s criminal tendencies even though he has no recollections of his father. Amalia’s selective perspective also leads to conflict within herself since she is content not knowing the truth as long as the false reality fits her ideal…show more content…
Teresa looks down upon Amalia because her moral values don’t consist of remaining faithful to a man that can provide for her no matter what she has to endure to keep a relationship. Teresa is partially the cause of the psychological effects Amalia is haunted by from her past. When Amalia tells her mother Teresa that she was raped by Salvador; whom would later become her first husband, Teresa doesn’t believe that her daughter was raped and forces Amalia and Salvador to marry. Teresa often flaunts her religion to Amalia by stubbornly placing her statue of La dolorosa, the Mother of Sorrows in a visible place in Amalia’s home. Teresa puts down Amalia and criticizes her life decisions and parenting skills. Teresa’s constant disapproval contributes to the psychological effects that lead to Amalia’s bad sense of life priorities.
[relationship between Manny and Amalia] Due to her mother’s perspective Amalia attempted to instill higher moral standards upon her children. Her firstborn Manny had been the product of her first marriage to Salvador and greatly represented his father although he had no recollection of him. Manny get a tattoo of a burning cross on his hand identical to that of his father’s which causes Amalia to become

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