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“Being Country” by Bobbie Ann Mason It’s kind of crazy how stories you read can bring so many mental pictures in your mind of things you can relate to it. In Bobbie Ann Mason’s story, “Being Country”, I related very well to the country style of living. I, myself, lived in a very small country town in Texas, and know people just like the “country people” noted in Mason’s story. The subject I visualized a lot throughout reading this was the food. There is nothing better in the whole world than good ole’ southern cooking. Back home in Texas I had a buddy that was a “country boy”, and anytime I went over to the Tapley’s house for dinner; I knew I was in for a treat. I can remember one night his mom came out with humungous steaks that they…show more content…
When thinking of my grandmother I think of a kind and gentle voice so in my head whenever I read what her grandma was saying I heard a voice much similar to my grandmother’s. In conclusion, Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Being Country” really hit home to me. It showed me how imagery can play a big role in writing, and how it can really persuade the reader to keep reading. I now understand that the visual art must be consumed by the readers through the writer’s capabilities to trigger the readers mind. It is just up to the writer on whether or not they express their visual presentation well enough to the reader. “Being Country” definitely displayed it’s visual art to me by making me feel like I was back in my little Podunk town in

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