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1.1) The factors making education provision in post-modern societies an extremely and complex specialised task.

In post-modern societies multi-culture has an impact, because there are various languages that are spoken. That isn’t the only factors it is various religions and different ethnic groups, with their own culture heritage contribution. Learners are unique in various phases of their development with changing needs. They are also different according to aptitudes and interest. Besides all that has been mentioned, we live in a rapidly changing world. Global economy has an impact and the cooperation between countries, with the economic competition. Technology is accompanied by knowledge and expertise. Teachers do not only have
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There are things that teachers are not allowed to do as: They aren’t allowed to tell somebody something that does not concern them. A teacher is not allowed to physically or psychologically abuse a learner. They are not allowed to sexually harass a learner or colleague.

The teachers must follow their code of conduct that states that they must use appropriate language. They must promote gender equality, and exercise authority with compassion and keep parents informed about learner’s progress.

1.4) Educators and parents as partners.

Parents and teachers don’t need to work against each other but rather together. Both parent and teacher have the same goals, and pass rates for learners, that’s why teachers and parents has to work together in the teaching. The teacher’s task of teaching at school is to teach them their work and to prepare them for their test and exams. Parents must check a learner’s progress at home and they need to check the learners schedule for study times and to check that that their task and homework gets done, most of all they need to support their children. Learner’s self-discipline begins at home where there is love and respect for each other. Parents who gives attention to their children is mostly the parents that is on the school board etc. these parents is important because they help with new parent teacher

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