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Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks When she was in her young age living with her grandfather and her cousin. Every day she would get up and work for her grandfather and at the end of the day she would go play with her cousins. Then Henrietta and her cousin came to a liking with each other. I have been raised to know that having a liking for your family member is just wrong and you should not do it. So I feel that Henrietta should fall in love with someone who is not related to her. Henrietta had another boy cousin who was crazy. They had called him crazy Joe. He was so crazy about Henrietta, and had fallen in love with her. Every time they would all go play together, he would try so hard to impress Henrietta. But Crazy Joe was so mad…show more content…
Instead of helping him, one of the women had abused her children. When I read this, I was shocked and was so mad at his woman. What kind of person would abuse children? This was just outrageous. Years later, Henrietta’s son had been so mean to people and hated that woman so much more. I am not angry with her son for being that way. He had not done that to himself, that woman did and she should have been punished for doing it. Dr. Gey, the doctor who had founded Hela, had used her cells to make money from it and made Hela public. When Henrietta’s family had found out about it, they were outraged and knew that they wanted something from it. But Gey needed something from them, he needed more cells from her. So that meant he needed to unbury her and get her cells. Her husband was not wanting that to happen at all. He wanted her to be left alone. So Gey told him that if he would be able to get her cells there would be a possibility that if her children had some kind of cancer in the future, he would be able to cure it. Then Henrietta’s other cousin was able to help Gey convince her husband. She knew it would be for the right things. He finally agreed on it and allowed Gey to unbury her and get her cells. But this is not right. Unburying someone should not happen. After burying them, that means they are supposed to be at

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