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Many children are affected by child abuse or neglect across the globe. The book The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls is about herself and the time set is in her childhood. In the book Jeannette talks about all the hardships that she and her siblings had to face while growing up with a very poor family and always being on the move. In the book it's very evident that Jeannette and her siblings face many types of abuse and neglect from many events that take place inside The Glass Castle. The Walls children should have been taken away from child protective services. The Wall family’s dad, Rex, was a very heavy alcoholic. Being an alcoholic affected the Walls children in so many ways. With their father drinking, they were unable to afford food to eat and other basic needs because their father used the money on booze. Rex would beg Jeannette for money to buy alcohol by saying, “Hon, I need some money for beer and cigarettes” on page 209. On page 78 Brian talks about how their father leeches to buy alcohol, saying “Dad doesn’t need to do research on leaching. He’s an expert”. The Wall family’s mom, Rose Mary, showed many signs of being selfish throughout the book. Mom being selfish made it nearly impossible for the Walls to make money, be able to afford anything, or have a little luxury in their life. Rose Mary once had a king sized candy bar that she was eating all by herself under a blanket in the same room as her kids. When the kids started to get suspicious, Rose Mary

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